Columns, Op-eds, etc.

Why Justin Trudeau gets India wrong. Open Canada.

Why India should have signed RCEP. The Mint.

India’s Digital World. The Hindu. (w/Arindrajit Basu)

India and COVID-19. Channel News Asia.

India, WHO and COVID-19.The Print.

India’s strategic multilateralism. Heinrich Böll Stiftung.

Technology and China-India Relations. China-India Brief.

Can Ottawa get India right? Open Canada.

Walking away from RCEP. The Mint.

India’s RCEP Choice. The Print.

Modi’s 2019 UNGA Agenda. The Print.

India’s voice at the 2019 G-7 Summit. The Business Times Singapore.

Rule Making in the International Order. The Mint.

Justin Trudeau’s India Visit. The Mint.

Jagmeet Singh and Canada-India Relations. Open Canada.

India at the United Nations General Assembly. IAPS Dialogue.

Debunking myths about Indian Multilateralism. The Mint.

Taking Charge at the G-20. The Mint.

Lifestyle: The Silent Killer. The Hindu Business Line.

Journal Articles

‘Agenda-setting from behind: India and the Framework Convention on Climate Change.’ India Review, 18(5): 552-567, 2020.

‘Think Tanks and Knowledge-Policy Nexus in China.’ Policy and Society, 32 (2013), 255-265.

Human Security, Multi-polarity, and Development Assistance for Health.’ Global Health Governance, VI (Issue I, Fall 2012): 1-22.

‘Analyzing India, China and Japan as global health aid donors.’ Global Policy, 3(3): 336-347 (with Florini, A, Pang, T and Pilcavage, C.)

Book Chapters

India and Japan: Partnering to Shape Multilateral Rules and Institutions, in Poised for Partnership: Deepening India-Japan Relations in the Asian Century. (with WPS Sidhu)

India and Global Health Governance: Past, Present and Future, in Asia’s Role in Governing Health: Routledge (with Guntupalli, A.)

Edited issues

India and Digital Worldmaking, Seminar 731 , July 2020.

Book Reviews

A Matter of Trust. Open Magazine

Making India Great. Open Magazine.

Shaping the Emerging World: India and the Multilateral Order. Sidhu, WPS. et al. in Seminar Magazine May Special Issue: External Engagements.

India and the Cold War. Open Magazine.

Open Embrace. Open Magazine.

Policy Reports

Fostering Digital Connectivity in the Indo-Pacific: Opportunities for the EU. Clingendael-ISAS Report for the European Commission. (with B. Dekker and M. Okano-Heijmans)

Effectiveness, Inclusiveness, and China’s Global Role: Report of the High Level Policy Forum on Global Governance. UNDP-CCIEE Report: Beijing (with Haug, S.)

Sloan Project on South Asian Science Engagement: Inaugural Report. Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy: Singapore.

Working Papers

Korea Development Institute: Ordo-liberalism and the Political Economy of Reform in South Korea

Think tanks in East and Southeast Asia: Bringing politics back into the Picture (with Mendizabal, E and Datta, A.)

Policy Essays

Philanthropic Foundations, Think Tanks and Development Cooperation: Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs: NY.

AMRO and the IMF: The Need for Global Economic Governance Reform: Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs: NY.

AMRO: Fleshing out Regional Monetary Cooperation in East Asia. Asia Pacific Memo – Institute of Asian Research: University of British Columbia.

The Reincarnation of the Asian Monetary Fund:AMRO. Asia Pacific Memo – Institute of Asian Research: University of British Columbia