Columns, Op-eds, Policy Essays, Reviews

Review of Open Embrace: India-US Ties. Open Magazine.

Rule Making in the International Order. The Mint.

Justin Trudeau’s India Visit. The Mint.

Jagmeet Singh and Canada-India Relations. Open Canada.

India at the United Nations General Assembly. IAPS Dialogue.

Debunking myths about Indian Multilateralism. The Mint.

Taking Charge at the G-20. The Mint.

Lifestyle: The Silent Killer. The Hindu Business Line.


Journal Articles

‘Think Tanks and Knowledge-Policy Nexus in China.’ Policy and Society, 32 (2013), 255-265.

Human Security, Multi-polarity, and Development Assistance for Health.’ Global Health Governance, VI (Issue I, Fall 2012): 1-22.

‘Analyzing India, China and Japan as global health aid donors.’ Global Policy, 3(3): 336-347 (with Florini, A, Pang, T and Pilcavage, C.)


Book Chapters

India and Japan: Partnering to Shape Multilateral Rules and Institutions, in Poised for Partnership: Deepening India-Japan Relations in the Asian Century. (with WPS Sidhu)

India and Global Health Governance: Past, Present and Future, in Asia’s Role in Governing Health: Routledge (with Guntupalli, A.)


Book Reviews

Review of Shaping the Emerging World: India and the Multilateral Order. Sidhu, WPS. et al. in Seminar Magazine May Special Issue: External Engagements. 



Policy Reports

Effectiveness, Inclusiveness, and China’s Global Role: Report of the High Level Policy Forum on Global Governance. UNDP-CCIEE Report: Beijing (with Haug, S.)

Sloan Project on South Asian Science Engagement: Inaugural Report. Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy: Singapore.


Working Papers 

Korea Development Institute: Ordo-liberalism and the Political Economy of Reform in South Korea 

Think tanks in East and Southeast Asia: Bringing politics back into the Picture (with Mendizabal, E and Datta, A.)


Policy Pieces 

Philanthropic Foundations, Think Tanks and Development Cooperation: Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs: NY.

AMRO and the IMF: The Need for Global Economic Governance Reform:  Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs: NY.

AMRO: Fleshing out Regional Monetary Cooperation in East Asia. Asia Pacific Memo – Institute of Asian Research: University of British Columbia.

The Reincarnation of the Asian Monetary Fund:AMRO. Asia Pacific Memo – Institute of Asian Research: University of British Columbia

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